Upon receipt of a product subject to guarantee (electric appliances such as hairdryer or hair straightener), we issue a warranty (a letter of guarantee), which contains the information required by law and, for the product purchased, the most important information we have undertaken to provide in relation to the guarantee, including the duration of the guarantee.
In accordance with the law, we provide warranty for the following products:
-Magic Wind ionos hairdryer
-Magic Steaming Iron steam hair straightener
-Magic Curly curler
-Magic Body Control smart scales
-Magic Hot Brush hot-air hair styler
-Magic Wind Aroma Therapy hairdryer

You can download the warranty (letter of guarantee) as follows:

Enter the warranty code found in the order confirmation e-mail or on the invoice. Download your warranty and keep it for the duration of the guarantee! (We recommend keeping it together with the invoice.)


We will try to provide you with a warranty within 2 working days of receiving your order. Thank you for your patience!

Further details

Learn more about how to make a claim under the guarantee
at or by reading the warranty.
go to general terms and conditions

Download warranty

If you have any problems or questions about the warranty, you can email us at! Please note that the warranty can only be downloaded after receiving the product!
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