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Would you like to try Magic Hair products but still have a few questions? Please read our answers, and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, write to us or call our customer service team on +36 20 665 65 65 on working days between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Who should take Magic Hair vitamins?
Magic Hair vitamins can provide the perfect solution for anyone who wants longer, shinier, richer hair. They can be used with any type of hair, be it natural, dyed or chemically treated. Most of our products not only promote healthy and beautiful hair, but skin and nails too. Our wide range also includes collagen products for joint protection and others promoting eye health and restful sleep. They are recommended to be used for customers over 14 years of age.
What makes Magic Hair different from other hair vitamins on the market?
The carefully selected ingredients of Magic Hair vitamins work in synergy to give you the best possible results. Our vitamins are made from natural ingredients, and most products are free from gluten, soy, walnut, peanut, and from artificial colouring and flavouring. You can choose from various vitamins with different active ingredients for various problems, depending on whether you are looking for hair growth, hair strengthening or complex support. These beneficial ingredients are available in a wide range of forms—capsule, gummy vitamin, effervescent tablet—so everyone can find the solution best for them. We help our customers not only with vitamins, but also by providing useful advice in our own Magic Hair - tippek, vélemények Facebook group.
How long will it take to see the first results of Magic Hair products?
Every body is different, and might respond differently to the vitamins we take. This can greatly affect the time you see the first results. On average, the benefits of vitamins can be felt after 15 days. The body is replenished with nutrients after 30 days, and the condition of the problem areas improves dramatically after 60 days. After 90 days of use, Magic Hair vitamins help to achieve and maintain ideal hair condition. The process may be slower in case of severely damaged hair structure, so please be patient.
How fast will my hair grow if I take Magic Hair?
On average, hair grows 1.5–2 cm per month, but this can be influenced by genetics, hair texture and structure. This number can be increased by taking dietary supplements/vitamins. But Magic Hair vitamins not only support hair growth, they also strengthen hair structure, reduce breakage, and make your hair shinier, stronger and richer.
What happens if I forget to take my daily Magic Hair vitamins or accidentally take more?
There is no need to take an extra vitamin if you have missed one, just continue taking it the next day as usual. You can find the recommended amount on the product box or on our website. If you have accidentally taken one too many, you should not experience any known side effects, but if you have significantly exceeded the daily dose, make sure you seek medical advice.
What happens if I stop taking Magic Hair products?
Because your body is no longer getting the nutrients it needs, your hair, nails and skin may lose their strength and glow. Hair and nail growth may also slow down.
Which products can be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
The following products may be consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding: Beauty Liquid, Collagen tablets. Products with a high vitamin A content are not recommended during pregnancy. During breastfeeding, vitamin B5 from other sources should be taken into account, as it may be passed to the child through breast milk, as well as vitamin B2, of which some of our products have 5mg/dose. You should always consult your doctor or nurse before taking any of our products.
Can Magic Hair products be a solution to baldness too?
The active ingredients of Magic Hair vitamins stimulate functioning hair follicles. So if you’ve already lost most of your hair, be sure to consult a specialist for a proper solution.
What are the most popular Magic Hair vitamins? Which one is the strongest vitamin?
Everyone can find the right Magic Hair vitamin for them, as they are available in a variety of forms, from capsules to gummy vitamins to effervescent tablets. The perfect vitamin for you may vary depending on your goals and problems. Our most popular products are Biotin Bomb, Keratin Bomb, Magic Hair Classic, Magic Hair MAX among others. While our Biotin Bomb gummy vitamin is primarily recommended for hair growth, our Keratin Bomb vitamin is best for strengthening the hair structure. If you are looking for a truly powerful and complex vitamin supplement, choose the Magic Hair Classic or Magic Hair Max capsules, which contain all the vitamins you need to support the health and beauty of your hair, skin and nails.
Can I take several Magic Hair vitamins at the same time?
Taking various products containing the same active ingredient within the same day is not recommended. For example, if you buy two products containing biotin, take one on one day and the other on the next. Combining your hair vitamin regimen with collagen-containing Beauty Collagen tablets, Beauty Liquid, Good Dream or Good Eyes gummy vitamins should not be a problem.
Should you take a break from vitamins sometimes?
Since these are vitamin products, it is not necessary to take a break. The products can be taken continuously if the daily recommended amount is observed.
Can Magic Hair vitamins have any negative effect?
The ratio of active ingredients in Magic Hair vitamins is based on the amount needed for the average adult body, so there are no known adverse effects on the body at the recommended dosage. However, if you are also taking other vitamin supplements, you should consult your doctor, as an overdose of some vitamins can cause unpleasant symptoms. The chances of this happening are very low, as problems only occur in case of severe overdose. If you have a specific sensitivity, make sure to check the ingredients on the product label.
Previously ordered vitamins had a different colour or consistency. Why is that?
Magic Hair gummy vitamins are in most cases made with naturally derived vegetable dyes, so the colour and texture of each batch produced may vary. However, this does not affect their efficiency. All gummy vitamins contain the active ingredients in the amounts shown on the label.
How can I order a water tank for the Magic Iron I have previously ordered?
With such enquiries, please send us an e-mail to or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.
Hol találok bővebb technikai információt az elektronikai termékekről?
Where can I find more technical information about electric appliances? The user manual for all electric appliances can be downloaded from the following pages, which contain detailed information about each product.
Can I use Magic Wind Aroma Therapy without serum?
Sure, you can use the hairdryer without the Argan Oil Elixir to dry your hair. However, in order to nourish your hair, both the herbal serum and the aromatherapy function are needed.
Can I use Hair Therapy elixir and Scalp Therapy serum separately?
Scalp Therapy herbal serum can be applied evenly to the scalp using the serum dispenser, allowing you to deliver the active ingredients to the hair follicles more effectively. For this reason, we recommend using Scalp Therapy serum together with our Hair Therapy serum applicator. A Hair Therapy oil elixir should not be used alone. This product is specifically designed for the Aroma Therapy hairdryer.
Where can I find feedback and reviews about Magic Hair products?
Authentic customer feedback on our products is collected on our Customer Reviews page, where you can search by product. If you want to be part of an exciting community and get first-hand information about our latest products and promotions, join our Magic Hair - tips, reviews Facebook group.
When will I receive the package I ordered?
On average, orders are delivered to the specified address within 1–3 working days. Estimated delivery times are always indicated next to our products, and you will receive precise information by e-mail after placing your order. For more information on payment and delivery, visit our Payment and shipping information page.
What is the minimum order to get free delivery?
We provide free delivery for purchases over 20,000 HUF. This amount may vary during promotional periods.
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