Magic Steaming Iron

Gentle steam hair straightener
With Testing Guarantee
Its wide ceramic plates provide long-lasting style even for hair that is difficult to manage. The steam escaping through the plates forms a protective layer around the hair strands, restoring their moisture content and protecting your hair from drying out. In addition, this caring steam helps hair conditioners penetrate the hair. It leaves your hair silky, with a healthy glow. Its design allows you to create straight or wavy styles.

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Main benefits

Shinier finish

Gently shapes the hair, the caring steam prevents the hair from drying out. It leaves your hair shinier and silkier.

Adjustable steam function

preventing the hair from drying out, and replenishing the moisture content of the hair

Long-lasting straightness

Thanks to the wide ceramic plates and the steam function, you can achieve much longer-lasting results than with traditional straighteners.

High-pressure steam

facilitating the absorption of hair care products into the hair

Straightening or curling

for various styles
Testing Guarantee

Detailed description

Shiny soft hair

Thanks to its steam technology, it does not dry the hair while styling. The hot steam emitted by the ceramic plates envelops the hair strands, replenishing their moisture content and hydrating them. It gently styles the hair, leaving it with a shinier, silkier finish. Hot air can also intensify the effect of hair care products sprayed on your hair, improving the smoothing effect and ensuring long-lasting results.

Long-lasting straightness

Thanks to the wide ceramic plates and the steam function, you can achieve much longer-lasting results than with traditional straighteners.

3-level adjustable steam function

no steam, medium steam and high settings.

Special plates

Wider than the average, these tourmaline and ceramic plates heat up quickly and evenly. The size of the plates allows you to work on more hair at a time easily. You can achieve lasting results in a shorter time with it.

Adjustable temperature

You can freely adjust the temperature between 140–235°C, to match your hair type.

Thanks to its unique design

it is equally suitable for straightening, waving and curling.


long cord rotatable in 360 degrees ensuring comfortable use, without entangling or breaking the cord.

Smoothing plates

that can be closed with a click, making it easy to store and to carry anywhere with you.

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What is Testing Guarantee?

Buy the appliance on our official website.
Use the appliance as intended for the next 14 days.
If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact our customer services.
You can return the product within 14 days, and we will refund the purchase price, including shipping costs.


How to use our Magic Iron steam hair straightener?

Make sure that the appliance has been unplugged, disconnected from any power source (*Do not try to fill the tank while the appliance is switched on or hot!)
Before turning it on, carefully remove the water tank using the release button.
Remove the rubber stopper and fill the tank with distilled/deionised water, and then put the black rubber cap back on. Wipe the tank thoroughly, and make sure it is completely dry.
Reattach the tank to the appliance.
You can now plug in and turn on the hair straightener.
Wait for it to heat up. When the LED lights go out, the hair straightener is ready to use.
You can switch on the steam function by turning the knob on the back of the appliance. There are three settings to choose from: no steam, medium or high steam.
Place a lock of hair between the blades and push them gently together, then slide all the way from the roots to the ends. Wile using Magic Steaming Iron, you will have steam escaping through the holes in the ceramic surface.
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Technical specifications

NOMINAL VOLTAGE: 110–240V 50/60Hz
OUTPUT: 140–230 W

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