Magic Hot Brush

Hot-air hair styler
With Testing Guarantee
A hot-air styling product that gently dries, volumizes and shapes the hair. Thanks to its ion technology and ceramic coating, it reduces the electrostatic charging of the hair and preserves the hair's moisture content during drying. It makes hair smooth and easy to manage. This powerful device makes it easy to dry and style your hair. It can be used on dry or damp hair, to create a straight hairdo or soft waves.

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Main benefits

Compact appliance

dries, volumizes and styles your hair in one go

Ion technology

leaves your hair shiny, silky and soft

Ceramic coating

preserves the moisture content of your hair

Adjustable temperature

to suit every hair type

Diverse hairstyles

Easy to create straight or curly hairdos
Testing Guarantee


How to use Magic Hot Brush?

After washing your hair, soak the water from your hair with a towel and gently detangle.
Divide your hair into few centimetre wide segments, and use the appliance on one at a time. You can use hair clips to hold the rest of your hair.
Take the first segment, brush it with Magic Hot Brush from top to bottom, and start drying. Repeat on the rest of your hair until your hairstyle is perfect!
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Technical speciications

VOLTAGE: 220-240V

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Detailed description

Ion technology

Ion hairdryers (such as Magic Hot Brush or Magic Wind) release negative ions into the air, reducing static electricity in the hair. Water droplets on the hair are further atomized, allowing moisture to seep into the roots. Thanks to this, the hair retains its natural moisture content, it will not break, and its surface will be bright and shiny. Just switch the PTC/ON button on the appliance, and a blue light will indicate that the ion technology is working.

Extremely powerful, 1000 W output

It dries 60% faster, so hair is exposed to heat for less time. It provides powerful airflow for professional, long-lasting results.

Moisture-locking ceramic coating

Helps maintain the perfect balance of moisture in your hair. While styling the hair, it delivers micro-conditioners to the hair strands to leave them smooth, soft and shiny.

Adjustable temperature

Allows you to style your hair according to your hair type.

Unique design

Its combination bristles lift the hair, while the special oval design allows you to reach the roots for a unique volumizing effect. Suitable for styling both long and short hair. Perfect for straightening, waving and curling.

Power cord rotatable in 360 degrees

Ensures comfortable use, without entangling or breaking the cors.

What is Testing Guarantee?

Buy the appliance on our official website.
Use the appliance as intended for the next 14 days.
If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact our customer services.
You can return the product within 14 days, and we will refund the purchase price, including shipping costs.

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